A Comprehensive Guide To Create Downloadable Workbooks and Printables

TYPE 3: Downloadable Workbooks And Printables

In this guide, I am going to show you how to make passive income by creating and selling downloadable workbooks and printables. This guide will help you to create your downloadable digital products by following some simple steps. So many marketers, bloggers and digital entrepreneurs follow these steps for creating additional income streams.

These digital products can be created quickly and can be sold at affordable prices. This downloadable printables can be a PDF file or a single page that can easily be downloaded and can be utilised for their tasks.

An autopilot system for promoting these products can be quickly built and set for receiving continuous streams of income without touching the actual processes of collecting payments and delivering downloadables.

The customers who bought these digital products take them out as printed formats and use them by filling their content.

The best example for these types of downloadable workbooks and printables is a document that has a fillable content related to scheduling of social media posts that is highly used by social media managers.

A monthly blog post suggestion workbook can also be the best example of this type of digital products that can be downloaded and used.

The best advantage of creating these products is that you can take the idea from your daily life activities and convert them into downloadable workbooks. 

Daily we also are using these workbooks for our own needs, and we have never thought of converting into a money-making product. And these ideas can be converted into the most profitable digital products.

The minimum and maximum price that can be set for these digital products is $5 and $100 based on the quality of content that you create.

Examples of downloadable workbooks and printables:

The following list is an example of these types of digital products:

  • Monthly blog content planners.
  • Daily task sheets.
  • Weekly & monthly work planners.
  • Yearly budget planners.
  • Fitness training planners.
  • Meal planners.
  • Seo steps workbooks.
  • Digital training workbooks. Etc. 

A collection of any one of the above digital products makes a tremendous downloadable workbook or a printable.

You don’t need to learn the art of creating the workbooks that you have not used till now. You can start from the daily usage things that you are using for your tasks.

It is highly suggested that your own experience should need to be put out to create these products as they are comfortable and straightforward to make.


How much time is required to create downloadable workbooks and printables:

The time required for creating each type of digital products varies from product to work. This is because it depends upon the time required to curate the content and other design requirements.

When it comes to downloadable workbooks & printables, each type of workbook requires its tie for creating the product. 

A simple single or two-page monthly timetable can be easily created within an hour or two based on your following steps.

And a workbook with a lot of content and working procedures requires some more hours of preparation and design work. And these digital products take less time in creation when they are very familiar, and they are a part of your daily schedule.

So creating products that you regularly follow will take less time compared to other types of digital products.

Skills required to create downloadable workbooks and printables:

For creating these types of digital products, you need to have two primary skills: content creation and designing.

As these products mostly related to providing a useful set of content structure, you need to create the best content that solves the major problems of the users.

A good copywriter can quickly produce the best workbook, and it can be effortless and easy to understand or to edit. And you can always use a friendly tone and simple structure to create these downloadables.

Most of these workbooks and printables contain schedules, planners which don’t require chunks of content, but they should serve the core purpose of the buyer.

And the second skill that is required is designing at a very acceptable level. These products don’t need a high level of creating gifts because the content plays a vital role than the design of the workbook or planner. 

Every newbie designer can easily create these types of digital products and can sell to his audience.

I have discussed in the previous article of graphic and design templates that the system is more critical as they serve a different purpose than these downloadables.

Tools required for creating & selling workbooks and printables:

These digital products are easy to create as they are only PDF files and simple document files.

And some design tools if you want to create high-quality design printables. But most of the users take these downloadables as black and white prints to use.

I have listed down some of the PDF creation tools so that you can choose to create these types of digital products:

  • Adobe acrobat x.
  • Wondershare.
  • Flip pdf.
  • Small PDF.
  • Xodo docs.
  • PDF pro.
  • Jotform
  • Nitro pro.
  • PDF candy.

After creating these digital products, you need to collect payments and deliver the PDF downloadable workbooks to the customers. And you can use platforms like Gumroad, Sellfy, Selz, etc.

These platforms provide easy and straightforward steps in which users can experience smooth payment procedures. 

Most of these platforms offer free accounts and free trials for creating opportunities, and they charge significantly fewer commissions for each sale.

Example of downloadable workbook and printables:

The following example is a perfect printable which is in the form of a downloadable PDF from “Ms Shelby“, the content creator at The Beautiful Life Plan blog.

About the author:

Ms Shelby is a college graduate turned full-time blogger, creator, and advocate for intentional living. She aims to provide tools and resources which help people to create and live purposeful lives that they love.

I have been following her blog for ten months. I have learned so much about how to live life with my own decision and intentions. And I have decided to present her “Intentional Life Planner product as it will be the best example of this type of digital product.

This digital product deals with the concept of designing our days according to our intentions and priorities.

Intentional life planner:

Intentional life planner
Img source: Intentional Life Planner

The following are the main benefits of this life planner:

  • Planning our days with a purpose instead of making an unachievable to-do list.
  • It helps to guide our intentions to navigate life.
  • Prioritising things to do essential things first instead of rushing as a busy man.
  • Creates a balance for our life.
  • And finally, it makes us prepared for each day.

There are a total of 45 planner pages included in it. They are:

  • Daily Planner Pages – 8
  • Weekly Planner Pages – 3
  • Monthly Planner Pages – 4
  • Quarterly Planner Pages – 3
  • Yearly Planner Pages – 2
  • Project Planner Pages – 5
  • Intention Planner – 3
  • My Top 3 Worksheets – 2
  • Priorities Lists – 3
  • Intention Check-In – 1
  • Reflection Worksheets – 2
  • Things To Let Go Of Worksheet – 1
  • Gratitude Journal – 1
  • Task Lists – 5
  • Journal Pages – 2

The intentional life planner is priced at $12, which is so reasonable to buy for getting this much value planner. 

After purchasing you will only get a link to download PDF and you can take printouts and use them for yourself. 

Summary of downloadable workbooks and printables:

In this complete digital products series guide, the workbooks and printables are easily created products with lots of useful content. Because it is simple to offer a digital PDF version of the work that can easily be downloaded an infinite number of times.

These products are considered as one of the best seller planner workbooks, which provides an organised structure of activities that we should follow in real life. You can quickly sell your planning schedules and printable worksheets by converting them into simple downloadable PDF files.

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