Best Ways to Sell Digital Products on Amazon in 2020.

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The most frequent question a digital product creator asks is that “can you sell digital products on amazon?”

E-commerce is taking over day-to-day business activities by allowing people to sell and buy products and services online. Digital products can get created without you having to touch them but sell them to the customers in demand for them on online platforms. This has become a popular system, and people are immensely migrating towards it and anybody can sell digital products on Amazon by following this system.

If you love writing books, eBooks designing logos, photographs, or you can develop software, then you are in the right place to sell digital products on Amazon by its online platform. Amazon is one of the most efficient and flexible sites when it comes to selling digital products. If you are looking for a place to start selling, this is the place to be.  

Why choose Amazon to sell your digital products.  

Good marketing strategies.  

We all know that when a product gets advertised to have specific offers that cut the cost, most customers will go for that rather than buying the products at standard prices. When you open Amazon’s page as a beginner, you will encounter different offers on different products. Regular customers flock to the page to buy the products that they offer.  

Unlimited boundaries.  

Some of these digital platforms are restricted from selling some products, while others may require diplomatic protocols for you to follow to sell. At the same time, Amazon allows individuals and companies to sell a wide range of products and services.  

To sell digital products on Amazon, you do not need to create your website; they make it simple for you by opening a regular account with them and start selling. This gives sellers a smooth drive when selling their products.  

The following video is a tutorial to sell digital products on Amazon:

“Get your own Amazon seller account”

Things to familiarize yourself with before you start selling.  

Market Research

Before you start selling, do thorough research about the market you are diving into. Many companies have online food deliveries, but the standard and quality of service are what customers go for. You get to know the market trend revolving the product you intend to sell.  

Know your competitors and what they are offering to the customers. Knowing your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses give you a clue of what to expect when selling your products.  

Learn from the experts who are successful in selling digital products. There is a story behind every success of an individual. Save yourself time to read and learn their success journey to gain experience; as the saying goes, knowledge is power.  

If you know you are launching a product already existing in the market, brainstorm for a way to refine your product to outdo the rest by giving it a unique touch to stand competition.  

In the following section, I will give you a quick guide on how you can begin selling on Amazon and earn money from selling the stuff you can create.  

If you have not created an account on Amazon, you may begin by following the steps below on how to do so.  

  • Go to the and search it.  
  • Click on the link that reads selling on Amazon.  
  • On this page, you must choose either selling as an individual with a payment of $0.99 per each sale you make, while as a professional, you get a monthly subscription of $39.99. I would choose to sell digital products on Amazon as an individual.   
  • Click on the next where you must fill a form required, then click ok.  

Your payment account information.  

Open a payment account to receive money after your product has sold. You can do this by; click on the selling account page, then go to settings; this will open another tab in which you will click on the account info; you will see a deposit method section in which you will fill your valid account details required then submit.  

Types of digital Products you can sell on Amazon



If creating designs on clothes is what you are good at, then creating an account on ‘merch by Amazon’ is a place to begin.  

For the clothes, designing it according to the preference your customers would like or what the trend is and then set a price for which it will sell, putting in mind the Amazon and the listing fee. Create an account called to merge the Amazon and then upload the artwork of your choice then submit. Once your product has sold, the money deposited in your account.  

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Some professional writers write and publish their original copies and those that sell books occasionally (having a shelf of books at home with necessarily no use).  

For the individuals who want to sell their original books that have not listed on Amazon, click on sell your stuff page, search for ISBN and fill all the information required about the book.  

Click on start selling, then choose a title you would like to sell, then search, click on sell on Amazon to create your listing, then list the books you want to sell, including the new ones.   

Fill in the price you would want to sell your book also the beginning date and end of sales date. List the books according to the condition. It is either new or used. Choose the shipping method preferred then save.  

Downloadable content.  

It is only in Amazon that you can download software, music, and other content. When selling downloadable music, game, or software, you must acquire a UPC (universal product code) which identifies your items from the rest. These codes make it easy to locate products on the Amazon warehouse. You can search for more details on “barcodestalk” on where to find the codes.  

Photography and Art.  

Photography and Art

For those who take the best photographs and create attractive art designs, you can register yourself on ‘handmade,’ which is still under Amazon. They have stores that you can create a profile about yourself, which will give the customers a picture of you and what you do. When you open their page, they give you a guide on how to sign up with them and start selling your photos.  

Educational resources and materials.  

Educational resources and materials

When I began by saying Amazon is one of a kind, for sure, it is. Amazon decided to expand into the education sector by allowing the buying and selling of educational materials. Mostly for teachers on online courses, this could be the best place to sell your learning tutorials.  

For those looking to sell on education materials, you register through ‘ignite’ and create your profile. You upload your documents and allow them to go through reviews by experts before you can sell digital products on Amazon. This makes it easy for students and teachers, making learning more enjoyable and more straightforward.   

I hope now you have got the answer to that frequent question, “can you sell digital products on amazon?”

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You may have creative ideas and products that you can create, but maybe you did not know where to begin, I hope the above guide assists you on the products you want to sell online.  

Creating and selling a digital product is not difficult if you put your two feet into the business and make it happen. You may take time before you reach the goals you have anticipated, but through the way, you get to learn and work towards them. Do not set very high goals that you fail to fulfill them. Hard work, motivation, learning to adjust to the market trend, and pursuing to provide quality products to your customers, believe me, will be dancing yourself to the top. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we sell Printables on Amazon?

A. Amazon allows only downloadable content to sell as a digital product. so Printables cannot be sold in Amazon as digital goods.

How to earn by selling PDF files on Amazon?

A. PDFs can be sold on Amazon and the retailer pays royalties for the copies of books that get sold.

What is the process of selling digital products on Amazon?

step 1: Go to
Step 2: sign up as an Amazon seller. As a beginner, you can go with an individual seller account.
STEP 3: After sign up, upload your digital products and start selling.

An LLC or Business license is required to sell digital products on Amazon?

No. because these digital products don’t require government approvals to sell on Amazon.

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