How to Create A Best Paid Email Course(2020): Detailed Guide

TYPE 5: Paid Email Course

Have you been in a state of mind where you have decided to create an online course with a full series of video lessons in a unique learning management system?

But you haven’t taken further steps by realizing how much work needs to be done.

And you got second thoughts after thinking about course creation platforms, video tutorials, and other heavy tasks. 

That means you are not ready to break this barrier of creating a full fledged online course. 

Instead of initially dealing with these challenges, the best alternative for teaching your skills is by creating a paid email course.  

You can create a better email course like an online course with an email sequence and pitch that course to your potential clients and increase credibility and brand awareness in your niche.

In this post, I will walk you through what an email course is and the required tools and steps for creating a paid email course.

What is an email course?

An email course is an autoresponder sequence of emails sent out over a time that contains course lessons in each mail.

A full course is divided into a finite number of lessons, and each lesson is sent to the audience by email. So one email consists of one lesson a day.

Unlike the online courses delivered in online learning platforms, this paid email course is a simple yet effective way of teaching a concept.

Like online courses, these paid email courses also work best for creating an audience, brand awareness, and functions like simple channels to learn concepts with an in-depth analysis.

This form of teaching by sending a sequence of emails is popularly used, and it brings out potential buyers and clients from your audience.

And many service-based companies attract clients by serving them with these types of paid and free courses and sell their services and products to potential clients.

For example: creating a paid course on teaching “how to create great designs” with a sequence of 5 to 7 emails and then pitching their designing tools and services, at last, generates a lot of revenue. 

These email courses are often used to increase their email list instead of giving a freebie like an ebook or cheat sheets, resulting in fewer click rates.

Why do you need to create a paid email course?

The main reason you create a paid email course is it brings trust and authority by providing value to your new and existing audience.

In creating and selling these email courses, you can generate a side income that fuels your business and services, along with developing your brand presence.

Emails are considered as the most personal form of communication between two persons. And it holds some more interactive nature than the social media channels.                                                                                                                        

A newbie doesn’t buy a full-fledged online course from a stranger if he wants to learn something. And there is an excellent chance that at first, he will try to invest in paid email courses instead of investing vast amounts in big courses. 

These paid email courses are also suitable for selling to a new audience, and therefore trust and authority start building by consuming your valuable content.

If you have a great product or provide excellent services to clients in your area of expertise, but the audience doesn’t know the value of your work, then providing the best content through an email course will turn these passive audiences into long-term clients.

For providing valuable content, building trust & authority, a passive income stream, and acquiring potential clients, an email course is the best option.


How to find a topic?

Before creating any course, blog post, or video, you need to decide a niche or topic that is very familiar to you and easy to create content around that topic.

So, you need to pick a niche or category to show your teaching skills, attract more users, and develop authority among your competitors.

To find a topic that you need for creating an email course is done by the following methods: 

  1. Find out the areas that you are expert in.
  2. Which advice is a must requirement in your skill or profession?
  3. List out problems in your subject area that are popping up in discussion forums and social media communities.
  4. Collect a list of topics that are in your mind related to your skill or other subjects that help people.

The following considerations need to be taken care to find the topic for your paid email course:

  1. Is the chosen topic can be taught in a sequential email course?
  2. Is the topic worth money, or would my audience spend money to learn this topic?
  3. Do I have the required skills to teach this topic?
  4. What skills will my audience acquire after the completion of the course?
  5. And what are the places that I can promote this course?

If the topic is suitable to answer the above questions, you will be good at creating a paid email course on this subject.

Steps required to create your paid email course?

The following are the essential steps for creating your first online paid email course:

1. Email course content creation: 

This is the first step, and it deals with selecting what content needs to be created in your email course. The absolute value of the course lies in the content that you serve to your audience.

Create content by using your pre-existing content in your blogs, journals, or documents. If you have a blog, then it is easier to curate content for the course.

Select highly performing posts from your blog and join them in a sequential email swipes, resulting in a better-paid email course.

And if you don’t have a blog or the excellent content in your content platforms, you can also use simple content templates to create your course structure style.

And the following are some of the tips that you need considering while writing content in these email swipes:

  • Use short sentences, paragraphs, and perfect headlines.
  • Don’t over-promote other products or your affiliate products.
  • Provide value in each mail by structured and actionable content.
  • Create engaging subject lines to gain more clicks, and these should describe the topic of that respective email.

After creating content for the email course, the next step would be setting up an email sequence.

2. Creating an email sequence, opt-in form, and product page:

The perfect solution for creating an email sequence, forms, and automation is to use feasible email marketing tools like “convertkit.” So I am going to describe the step by step process of creating an email sequence in convertkit.

I. Steps to create an email sequence in convertkit: 

  • Head up to the “Automation” tab and select automation where you get a new window.
  • Now click on “Sequences” and select the “New Sequences” button.
  • Then you need to give your sequence an actual name(ex: 5-day ebook creation challenge) and click on the “Create Sequence” button.
  • Now you are redirected to the email course creation page. Paste your pre-prepared content into the email sequence on the left-hand side.
  • Add the required number of emails in that sequence as per the paid course structure.
  • Set the status of each email to an active state after creating content.

Now the actual email sequence is ready, and next, you need to create a form to connect with your email course.

II. Steps required to create a new form for your paid email course:

convertkit form

After creating an email sequence, you need to create a form to collect the subscribers’ email addresses. The following are the simple steps to create a form:

  • Select the “create form” option on the convertkit homepage.
  • Select one of the options from “Landing Page” or “Form.”
  • Choose your desired template.

convertkit template
  • Customize your landing page or form as per your desired opt-in form content and with a suitable image.
  • Give a name to this form (ex: 5-day ebook creation challenge). 
  • When you are all done designing your landing page, click on the “Save and Publish” button.

III. Steps to create a product page to sell your paid email course:

  • Select “Products Tab” in the convertkit site.
  • Click on the “New Product” tab and fill your product details such as name(ex: 5-day ebook creation challenge), pricing method, and price.
  • Upload a file if you have any for this course, like workbooks and pdfs.
  • In the next step, you can add your custom domain from the drop down menu.
  • Now click on the “Create Product” button.
  • After the above step, you get a page for customizing the product page, like setting up images, headlines, content, and other editing options.
  • When you are all done customizing the product page, click on the “Save” button.

The product is also created, and if you want to share this with your audience, click on the “Publish” button, and you get a link to share and paste in your landing page section.

Now it is time to automate the whole process of selling this online paid course.

IV. Steps for automation:

  • To connect the product page to your email course, click on “Automation” and select “New Automation.”
  • Go to the “Purchase” option and use the convertkit “Commerce” feature.
  • And choose your 5-day ebook challenge product page, ad click on “Add event.”
  • Now attach the email sequence from the “Action” menu, and click on the “Add action” button.
  • And turn the automation status button from “pause” to “on.” 

Now your paid email course is live, and you have successfully created your first paid digital product.

Now let us look into the tools required for creating this paid email course:        

Tools required for creating your paid email course:

The main tools required to create a paid email course is a perfect email marketing tool like convertkit

You can also go with free tools like Mailchimp (free for up to 2000 subscribers), but paid tools like convertkit, active campaign, Aweber have better features and make your work run smoothly.

And use google sheets for creating useful workbooks and printables that you are providing through your product page.

How To Get Paid For An Email Course?

The following are how you can get paid for the hard work that you put in creating the paid email course

  • Paypal subscription payment method.
  • Upselling using a free email course.
  • Including affiliate offers in email swipes.
  • “Member-only” and “sneak peak” Offers.
  • Cross-promotion with different learning management platforms.

How much time is required to create a paid email course?

Creating a paid email course depends on the number of emails needed to clever the quality content.

A 5-day paid email course generally consists of 6 to 7 emails of content(1 welcome mail + 5-course content mails + 1 thank you mail + other upselling promotional emails, if any).

It will take 1 hour to create a single email lesson, so a 5-day paid email course can be quickly completed within 5 to 6 hours and can take a long-time if the content structure is long.

And for an email course of 4 weeks, sending six emails per week requires more time, and it will take nearly 6 to 7 days.

I have seen a 100 day lead generation paid email course, which should have been created in almost 2 to 3 months of the effort.

This much of time needs to be spent on these courses because the valuable content here is written content and sometimes involves preparing video lessons and textual content.

But if we break down each email’s content in crunches, it will be easier for the instructor.

As these emails go into an automated sequence in the email marketing tool, it is always advised to prepare each email’s content before collecting email subscribers. 

Read full guide here: Ultimate Guide to Identify Successful Digital Product Ideas

Examples of paid email course:

Now let us look into an example of a paid email course about a 6-week keto and intermittent fast course by Ms.kristi.

1. 6-Week Keto & Intermittent Fast Email Course:

We all know that a keto diet plays an essential role in a person’s health and immunity, and if you teach a standard keto diet in your food, you can achieve better health.

This email course also deals with the keto diet along with intermittent fast for over six weeks.

paid email course

This paid email course consists of 6 weekly modules, and each module consists of 7 daily lessons on the keto diet and intermittent fasting.

Overall she has created 42 email lessons worth content and also giving access to a private Facebook group.

She is providing daily assignments in this Facebook group to help people and eventually builds trust and authority. 

And she is also providing daily handouts/resources along with five types of bonuses. They are:

  1. Monday mini-challenge.
  2. Tuesday inspiration.
  3. Wednesday recipes.
  4. Thursday tips.
  5. Friday questions.

The cost of this paid email course is set for $298.00, which represents the product value of this type of paid course.

Summary of paid email course:

In your respective field-building, trust with the followers and increasing authority bring more success. And the valuable paid email course is always the best option for building trust and making passive income. You can sell your products through this email course and upsell other useful products in between the content. 

Identify what people and your audience are searching on the internet and solve their problems by creating a valuable email course.

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