The Ultimate Guide to Identify Successful Digital Product Ideas

Have you ever created an online course or other types of digital products like ebooks, templates, graphic cards? Or you’re searching for a comprehensive guide on how to create and sell digital products. Then this Digital Product Ideas guide will help you to answer all your questions.

Creating an online course and selling it becomes an easy thing for many entrepreneurs, bloggers, and digital marketers. And its demand is going to increase in the coming years.


But there are other kinds of digital products that you can create and stand out from the course creators and make more significant profits.

In this guide, I will show you 7 of such digital product ideas that are different from online courses that require only limited time to create and sell.

You can quickly create these products, deliver them by simple methods, and sell them with sufficient promotional skills.

You need to have real and working strategies and skills to create these digital products and some automation tools.

These following digital product ideas seem to be new to most of you, but they can help make real passive income.

Most of us think that online courses, paid tools, and software are the only digital products that generate income. Still, I will cover seven types of digital products that are simple to create from your skills and the requirements to create these digital products.

What is a Digital Product?

Let us understand the basic definition of a digital product. A digital product is an online form of content, tool, or software created and sold in the digital space.

Digital Product Ideas

A digital product gets delivered through online platforms to your customers, and it has an unlimited inventory. The time required to create a specific digital product varies according to the type of the product.

Let us take an example of creating an online course. For this, you need to create a tutorial video series of at least 10 to 30 minutes length. And then you need to edit them to bring out perfect lessons which take some days or a few weeks to prepare.

And some other digital products can get created within hours or a few days. And I will also discuss these types of great digital products that you can create within less time and make passive income.

In this ultimate guide to digital product ideas, I will walk you through:

  1. Steps to create each type of digital product.
  2. Pros and cons of each digital product
  3. The time required to create a specific kind of digital product.
  4. Skills needed to develop that product.
  5. Examples with price ranges of the products.

You can understand each digital product’s potential that I am going to discuss in this massive guide, and my main goal at the end of this guide is that you need to decide which digital product to create and make passive income through automation.

And you need to understand that the digital product that worked for me may not be suitable for you, and vice versa. So it all depends on which industry you are in and how much skills you have in creating a particular product.

For example, if you are an expert in creating excellent graphics for designs, you can choose to create “design templates.” And it would be best if you answered the following questions before choosing your digital product.

  • Are you an expert in that specific category?
  • Will it provide any value to the customers?
  • What advantages do you have to create that product easily?

Now let’s have a look at the seven types of digital product ideas:




The first type of digital product in this digital product ideas guide is about the content. If you are a good copywriter and have excellent content experience, you have a perfect opportunity to utilize your skills.

Because copywriting has excellent potential in today’s internet world, so there is much more demand for “scripts” and “content templates,” and you can leverage these skills to a much extent.

You can create paid content templates and copywriting services and access the buyers by downloading these resources and making passive income.

Users can utilize these downloadable templates, and they can easily edit your templates by merely inserting their words and written content.

These premade titles have a huge demand in the content market because they will reduce time and allow users to finish their content tasks faster.

And the content curated scripts can be used to generate valuable content for their products and services.

This digital product is all about words, unlike videos and graphics. 



If you are a designer, this is the perfect type of digital product you need to create. Designing is a skill that everybody can’t possess or learn with that much patience and concentration.

If you can create designs with the best visuals and graphic templates that bring value to your customers, this is an excellent opportunity for designers like you.

You can create stunning templates and pack them up as a bundle and sell those to others who don’t know skills regarding designing. There is no limit to fix the number of products to sell because as digital products, the products in-store can be infinite.

A simple yet unique design of Pinterest pin templates, pre-designed Instagram graphics are the perfect examples of digital products that you can easily create and make passive income.

There are many stock photo selling sites and stores where they are just selling premade good looking photos designed and customized by them. So you can also make those types of stock photos and sell like a pro marketer.



Workbooks are mostly used as alternatives for long-form tasks, and they provide small pathways to complete the tasks in less time. So you can create downloadable workbooks, which saves time for bloggers, marketers, and other professionals.

So in digital space, printables also mostly downloaded digital products as they provide valuable information. These printables can be of the 1-page sheet or a full-length PDF that is available for download for an affordable price.

You can easily make passive income by creating these types of downloadable content and selling on autopilot.

The contents like business planners, scheduling of tasks, checklists, workbooks can get created in these types of digital product ideas.

Most people generally use these types of digital product ideas to collect emails from users. Still, if you create unique and valuable content in these products, you can quickly sell them and make passive income.



These digital products are less known to many people because it is different from eBooks, courses, and other digitally downloadable products.

So ultimately, there is much more scope in this category as there is less competition in these types of digital products.

These are simple excel spreadsheets of valuable guidelines and planners. And these spreadsheets, trackers, and calculators can be utilized in every industry as they have multiple purposes.

Unlike all other online courses, this digital product requires minimum time to create, and they look unique in terms of their delivery and usage.

If you haven’t created any of these digital products in your business or industry, you need to start.



How many times a day do you check your email? I will check my email two times a day, morning and evening. Everybody uses email, and email marketing is still alive.

Creating a paid email course and marketing this course using email marketing is one of the most profitable digital products in the present market.

For example, you can create a small 5-day Pinterest marketing paid course, where you include all the relevant course videos and deliver one mail a day with the video course inserted in it. 

The paid course can be daily, weekly serving that can include subjects like “increasing traffic of your blog in 5 weeks using Pinterest” or “weight loss program in 2 months”.

These paid email courses can bring you 5-figure income in less than a few days of the product launch. For this, you need to have an audience in your email list or social media followers.

Great content and credibility always make your paid email course sell very fast, creating the right amount of passive income in the long run.



This digital product is different from all other types because it gets delivered in live workshops. The preparation for this type of live training workshop requires more time in the beginning.

Like live webinars, this paid live workshop can get organized and promote additional products. You can record the live training and use this for creating an email list for your business.

The duration of these live paid workshops is between 2-3 hours, and you can provide additional freebies inside the training.

As this is a virtual workshop, there is no need to consider organizing places and a lot of equipment because these get done via online platforms like zoom and webinar jam.

You can build your branding as well as social media following by conducting these paid virtual workshops. This is because most people love to grab content in live channels as compared to recorded sessions.



Technology is growing rapidly nowadays, and technical instructors’ requirements also increase in training in many businesses, especially in the IT industry.

If you are technically well knowledgeable and have teaching skills, you must look into this training program. Every beginner in any subject wants to develop his skills so that they stay in the fast-growing competition.

You can supply valuable tech training to meet your students’ demands by providing step-by-step tutorials(recorded or live) for software and other platforms.

These tech training tutorials help the customers learn new things, and they can quickly adapt your skills and find solutions for the problem they are facing.

So this digital product is top-rated and can be used to generate excellent income opportunities.

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