A Comprehensive Guide To Create Spreadsheets, Trackers, and Planners(2020)

TYPE 4: Spreadsheets, Trackers & Calculators

These digital products are one of the untapped categories, and these are created significantly less among most internet marketers out there. I will show you how to create spreadsheets and leverage this opportunity and make the most profit out of these types of digital products.

The ideology behind the topic to create spreadsheets, trackers, and calculators is different from the previously explained digital products. And these products can be made in every niche, and they get sold very well.

These products act as an automatic schedule generating templates, problem-solving digital machines, and saving so much time for marketers and business people.

Because of fewer people creating these types of products, you have an excellent opportunity to make a fantastic passive income stream by creating and selling these products.

The cost of these digital products ranges anywhere between $5 to $150 or even more depending upon your providing value.

Examples of Spreadsheets, Trackers, and calculators:

The following are some of the examples of the spreadsheets, trackers, and calculators:

  1. Simple investment tracker spreadsheets.
  2. Stock trading record spreadsheets.
  3. Monthly investment spreadsheets.
  4. Weekly social media reports.
  5. Waterfall charts.
  6. Monthly expense tracker.
  7. Blog conversion tracker.
  8. Bullet journal habit trackers.
  9. Product pricing calculators.
create spreadsheets

Creating a single type or a collection of the above spreadsheet or tracker makes a great digital product that is unique and provides value to the consumer.

The demand for these products is so high that it gets used as automatic work gets done products in which the user needs to insert their data, and the finalized work produced efficiently.

These digital products can also be collected from your planners and spreadsheets that you use and modify them to serve the customers’ needs.

There is no limit to fix the no.of rows and columns of a spreadsheet and limits in trackers.

Many google ads experts use google ads spreadsheets to track real-time results and conversions that he is getting from his campaigns. And these personalized spreadsheets can be easily edited and turned into resellable digital products.

The above strategy of creating a unique google ads spreadsheet is a perfect example of these types of digital; products.

How much time is required to create spreadsheets, trackers, and calculators:

As we discussed in previous other digital product guides, the time required for each product varies from each other. 

The time required for these products depends on the model and complex nature of the trackers and spreadsheets.

For excel spreadsheets that involve the calculation of many variables, it will take more than 4 hours to create. Because some measures need to be very accurate, and it will take some more time to calculate and show results.

And sometimes, after creating a spreadsheet, you need to optimize it for giving results so quickly. 

And to improve the performance of an excel spreadsheet, the following tasks need to be done:

  1. Optimize references and links.
  2. Minimize the used range.
  3. Allow for extra data.
  4. Improve lookup calculation time.
  5. Optimize array formulas.
  6. Use functions efficiently.
  7. Create faster VBA macros.
  8. Consider the performance and size of Excel file formats.

Overall the time required to insert the essential programs for calculating variables in spreadsheets and calculators takes time between 4 to 6 hours.

You can also create guidelines for helping buyers understand how to use these spreadsheets and trackers by creating text and video content suitable for your audience. This task requires an hour extra time.

Skills required to create a Spreadsheet, Trackers & Calculators:

The skills required to create spreadsheets and trackers are designing, calculations, proofreading, and other organizational and task requirements.

You don’t need to have full expertise in these areas, but a medium level skill set is sufficient to produce a better product.

But if you have expertise in the subject of how to create spreadsheets with multiple uses, it will be more helpful in creating more features and tools.

If you decide to create a complex type of spreadsheet, trackers, and calculators, it requires more skills than creating familiar spreadsheets.

For example, for business firms, you need to optimize the following factors: 

  1. Business Data Storage.
  2. Accounting and Calculation Uses.
  3. Budgeting and Spending Help.
  4. Assisting with Data Exports.
  5. Data Sifting and Cleanup.
  6. Generating Reports and Charts.
  7. Business Administrative Tasks.

This procedure of analyzing these variables helps in organizing and categorizing data into a logical format. Because these skills help to create the best spreadsheets, those are essential for business and accounting tools.

As a result, if one enters the data into these spreadsheets, he can use this to organize and grow his business.

Steps involved in creating a good and optimizes spreadsheet:

The following steps are from the archmaster article on creating a stunning spreadsheet for their programming and design presentation.

  1. Choosing the right font.
  2. Aligning your data.
  3. Giving your data some space. 
  4. Defining your headers.
  5. Choosing your colours carefully. 
  6. Shading alternate rows for readability.
  7. Using Grids Sparingly. 
  8. Creating cell styles for consistency

You know that architects give more importance to their designs and other technical issues. And they also consider designing these spreadsheets is an important task. This is because, along with drawings, create spreadsheets that are easy to read, analyze, and understand.

Tools required to create Spreadsheets and Trackers:

The tools required to create these digital products depend on the products that include tutorials and without tutorials.

The tutorials help customers to understand how to use and create spreadsheets and trackers quickly. So most of the digital product creators use these video tutorials to gain more trust.

Tools list:

The following is the list of tools that are required to create spreadsheets and trackers:

  1. Ms excel sheets that can be shared and downloaded quickly.
  2. Google sheets that have a copying feature after buying.
  3. Tools for payments & delivering the spreadsheets and trackers.
  4. Email marketing tool like getresponse.
  5. Video editing tool for creating tutorials.

As compared to excel sheets, google sheets are more feasible, and they can quickly get accessible for customers through a simple link of your google sheet.


You can also create spreadsheets in excel and use them as an alternative for these google sheets for creating trackers. The only difference in accessing both spreadsheets is that customers directly link to the spreadsheet and a file for the excel sheet.

Payment and delivering tools for spreadsheets and trackers:

To collect payments and deliver digital spreadsheet products, you can use “Gumroad,” which is the best and most viable platform for many internet marketers.


Gumroad platform is one of the favorite tools for selling my digital products. And it is also best for beginners and advanced sellers because it is only the best platform with a free subscription plan for selling digital products.

You need to link your spreadsheet link and setup checkout cart for receiving payments and an automation email setup for delivering the spreadsheets.

Gumroad free plan consists of the following features:

  1. Unlimited digital product selling.
  2. Real-time analytics.
  3. Customer management services.
  4. SD streaming.

And other tools required for marketing these digital products are email marketing tools and video editing tools.

Email marketing tools like getresponse, convertkit and Aweber help collect email addresses used for sending promotional emails in the future if you release any other new products.

You can integrate these email marketing tools to this Gumroad platform by merely using zapier. Email marketing helps you maximize sales by retargeting left out deals in the checkout section, and you can also pitch other products and do affiliate marketing.

And suppose you would like to provide additional video tutorials on how to use these spreadsheets and trackers. In that case, you can create a video explaining steps using tools like invideo, kinemaster, Animoto, videoscribe, etc.

And upload these video tutorials on online learning platforms like teachable and thinkific.

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Example of Spreadsheets and Trackers: 

1. 4-Week Customized Meal Plan Spreadsheet:

Mealplanmagic is famous for its meal plans and prep tools, and they have customized planner products delivered in a wide range of spreadsheets.

The following are the paid products that are available in the Mealplanmagic store:

  1. Build Custom Meal Plans.
  2. Discover Your Intake & Macros.
  3. Automated Grocery Lists.
  4. Generate Dynamic Cooking Lists.
  5. Weekly Meal Plan Summaries.

4-Week Customized Meal Plan Spreadsheet is one of the best-paid meal planners, which creates a 4-week custom eating plan that helps reach our health improvement goals.

4-Week Customized Meal Plan Spreadsheet

In this digital product spreadsheet planner, Every meal plan is backed by research and crafted by a registered dietitian nutritionist to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

In this spreadsheet planner, your foods and macros will get selected per your preferred eating style.

This paid spreadsheet meal planner costs $137, and this product gets built with providing the following resources:

  1. 4-weeks of customized meal plans for ONE user
  2. 4-weeks of Automated Grocery Lists by Date Range
  3. Ability to Account for Food Already in Your Kitchen
  4. 4-weeks of Meal Prep Summaries by Date Range to Help You, Cook, Faster
  5. Food Lists customized for your goals

This is an excellent example of a useful digital product that combines 4- week meal planning steps, spreadsheets, math formulas, and delicious recipes!

2. Personal Budget Excel Spreadsheet:

This is another excel spreadsheet created by the vertex42 group for setting up an individual’s budgeting. This product is mainly suited for beginners in setting their budget.

Personal Budget Excel Spreadsheet

It is free to their audience with a personal use license in just a simple excel spreadsheet form.

Just like a family budget planner, this personal excel spreadsheet is to create a yearly budget.

You can download this spreadsheet in both google sheets and excel formats.

If you are a newbie and will create your budget, you can read a beginner’s guide on a personal account by this creator. 

This guide helps you understand how to use this spreadsheet to track your expenses and convert that information into a budget.

Summary of spreadsheet, trackers, and calculators:

These digital spreadsheet products mainly come under problem-solving and planning products, mostly used by many professionals and marketers. By creating and selling these products, you can make a passive income stream for the long-term.

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