A Comprehensive Guide To Create And Sell Content Templates And Copy Scripts

TYPE 1: Content Templates And Copy Scripts

Content writing and copywriting are the two essential skills for creating “content templates” and “copy scripts.”

As a creative writer, one can generate passive income by creating these types of digital products. And these products are simple to generate and require basic documentation requirements in online systems.

The following are examples for this type of digital product:

  • Fiction Book Outline Templates.
  • Asana Project Templates.
  • Client Proposal templates.
  • PR Outreach email script Templates.
  • Sales Page script templates.
  • About Page copy templates.
  • How to Ask For a Raise Scripts.
  • Live Stream Video Scripts.
  • Blog Post Templates.
  • Book Proposal Template/Scripts.
  • Customer service response scripts.

And we can add even more to this list based on our research.

Buyers and people who want these products can easily download these scripts, templates as word or excel sheet files, and they can edit and use for their businesses and projects.

These Digital Products are famously known as “DONE FOR YOU” products. These products don’t require the buyers to watch series of course videos to create. They need to fill in the blanks with their information and details.

So these products save customers time in performing a task by just following scripts and templates.

Content Template digital product:

Content Templates and Copy Scripts Infographic

Unlike design templates, these content templates consist of words and pre-prepared useful information.

You can easily create and sell these digital products as they are already half-prepared, and you need to add some valuable words into the files.

  • Have you ever used a template while creating something for your blog or business? 
  • Have you ever used an email template for clients pitching or sending requests for guest posts?
  • Have you ever been asked by your friends or clients about helping them create marketing copies, email sequences, or proposal templates?

Then you must have one of the best selling digital products in your bank, or at least you have a half-created digital product which you need to do some modification too. 

After creating these content templates and copy scripts, you can quickly sell them with a price of $30 to $300 and even more for premium content.

By creating and selling these types of digital products, you are providing value, and you are making it easy for the customers to do their tasks at a faster rate by saving a lot of time.

How much time is required to create and sell content templates and copy scripts?

If you are an experienced content writer, then creating a template or a script doesn’t take more time than writing a 3000 words blog post.

The time required to create these digital products depends on the type of digital products and their quantity.

A simple script for the website’s copy that includes content for the whole website pages may take longer compared to creating a simple 5-step email script for promoting your local business.

And a simple 15-page copy template may only take 3-4 hours, and you can also sell these products repetitively over some time. 

The product needs to be unique, and it must provide value to the users. So it requires proper drafting, editing, and structurization. And I can say that if you give yourself one full day to research, create and edit your digital product, you can bring out any best content template or a copy script.

Skills Require To Create Content Templates And Copy Scripts:

As mentioned in the above sections creating these types of digital products is simple and requires less time. And there is no need for excellent technical skills for creating these types of content digital products.

All it takes is the quality and well-structured content, and it must fulfill the needs of the customers by solving their problems.

I have explained briefly about the skill required to create these content templates and copy scripts.

1. Quality content: 

The success rate of any digital product, blog, and textual ad depends on the quality and uniqueness of the content. So everyone believes that content is king and it can outrank many big players in the industry quickly.

While preparing content templates, it should provide quality information that can be used frequently by the user. As a copywriter, your copy scripts should be different from the regular content, and people can use this script with less effort by filling an already written content script.

Examples like a blog post outline template, podcast document template, and presentation templates should make so simple that users get used to recreating their version from these scripts.

2. Tech setup:

There is no need for much tech knowledge to create these digital products as they deal with the most text content. We need to have some grip on using pdf creating sites, google docs, and simple patent gateways.

To create content-based products, you need to get familiar with platforms like google docs or ms word for writing texts. And you can easily edit these documents with less effort by setting up suitable fonts and their sizes, positioning of tables and pictures, etc.

To collect payments and deliver templates and scripts, you need to set up payment gateways such as stripe, 2checkout, Instamojo, and Razorpay.

You can also use platforms like Gumroad, Sellfy, Selz, to sell these digital products as these platforms provide easy customization and customer-friendly payments by taking small amounts of fees or subscription.

Tools Required To Create And Deliver Content Templates And Copy Scripts:

I have listed my favourite platforms and tools to create and sell these types of content digital products below:

1. Google docs(G Suite):

It is a free platform by google where you can easily create, edit and produce documents of .docx, .odt, .rtf, .pdf, and .txt formats.

The main advantage of google docs over pdf files is that they can get edited, and they can get filled with the customer’s content for their usage. So this is a perfect platform to create content templates and copy scripts.

The following is a sample recipe template that can be edited by google docs platform:

Recipe Content Template
credits: Goolge Docs.

If you create a simple fillable document as a fill in the blanks type content template with the google docs, it will be easier for customers to customize.

2. Ms Word Documents:

The word documents are also one of the majorly used files that people use to edit and save their valuable content. But it would help if you created more useful and easy to read content in these documents. 

Mostly you can use these word documents for creating copy scripts rather than templates as these documents majorly support plain text formats.

3. Regular and fillable PDF files:

You can create content templates and copy scripts in the form of regular pdf files in which they are more feasible for merely copying and pasting as per the customer requirements. For example, a simple guest posting pitch email that can get easily copied into their email.

Among all these documents formats creating a regular pdf is simple and consumes less time to create.

The following single page business plan is a Fillable PDF digital product:

Fillable PDF digital product
Credits: jotform.com

And another form of PDF that you can create is a fillable PDF that requires some other software(online pdf editors) to develop and sell. Customers can quickly fill these documents with their desired content in fill in the blanks type sheets.

Most people prefer these types of digital products because they are effortless to customize their content ideas and scripts.

4. Gumroad: 

This online platform is my favorite for selling my digital products without much difficulties and simple payment and product delivery methods. Gumroad is rewarded as the best platform for beginners and even for experienced bloggers and digital marketers because it is the only platform that has a free subscription plan.  


Unlike other digital product selling platforms, gumroad is a user-friendly interface with a free plan that consists of the following benefits.

  • Unlimited digital product selling.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Customer management services.
  • SD streaming.

By uploading your content template and copy scripts into the product listing of the gumroad platform, it will be easier to share the store’s link and make sales at a faster rate. I have started using Gumroad to sell my “digital product business” ebook, and I am getting impressive results.

You can automate every process from choosing no-of template quantities that the user requires to deliver the digital products in less than half an hour. Additionally, this gumroad has the feature of setting up affiliate members and commission plans for your digital products. Gumroad makes your product reach a larger audience by affiliate marketers.

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Summary Of Content Templates And Copy Scripts:

These content templates and copy scripts are essential for business people, marketers, bloggers, and digital marketers. Their needs for preparing blog posts, social media posts, scheduling of regular and office works, and email marketing scripts get easily solved by the digital products that you are going to create.

Just list down which type of content templates and copy scripts you are using for your own business or blog. And start creating your niche related templates and scripts and make passive income by selling them in suitable platforms.

Every problem in your niche brings an opportunity to create a paid resource like these digital products. So start creating these products and share your results with us.

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